Hair transplant

What are Hair Transplant Methods?

Hair transplant can be done using several different methods. The most popular method among them is known as FUE hair transplantation. There...
PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment for Denser Hair

PRP treatment is all about using blood plasma. This plasma is called platelet-rich plasma of the blood. This is a treatment applied...
hair transplantation center

Istanbul Hair Transplant Centre for Hair Restoration

Anyone can experience hair loss. It isn't associated  with sex, age or any other factors. Baldness significantly affects an individual's self-esteem. Nevertheless,...
hair transplant surgery.jpg

Hair Transplant Surgery in Istanbul

Different people with hair loss problem are opting for hair transplant surgery. Turkey has made great strides in the plantation areas in...
Hair transplant

Hair Transplant Doctor Options for Hair Restoration

Hair transplant operation needs experience. And a good team as well. So in hair transplant doctor selection process, there are certain factors...
hair transplant before and after

Hair Transplant Before and After Difference for Hair Loss

Hair transplant operations are seen as a cure to hair loss and baldness problems. When people opting for a clinic for themselves, they are...
hair implant cost

Hair Implant Abroad and Hair Implants Cost

In most situations, we first check the price. And we care about the cost of the products When it comes to hair...
follicular hair extraction

Follicular Hair Extraction (FUE) Method for New Hair

You probably have seen follicular hair extraction or FUE more than couple of times online. This is the most common method if...

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