FUE hair transplant
FUE hair transplant

FUE hair transplant is the most common hair transplant method. And people are asking lots of questions to understand this procedure. FUE is actually a hair extraction method. But over time, people started to call the entire hair transplant process as FUE hair transplant.

Actually, you need to combine FUE – follicular hair extraction method with a suitable hair implant method. In most cases, hair transplants are called FUE Slit hair transplant or FUE Sapphire hair transplant. Slit and Sapphire are the two most common hair implant methods. These hair implant techniques are applied after hair roots are extracted with FUE.

FUE Hair Transplant Method

FUE hair transplant involves hair extraction and hair implanting. During extraction, hair is collected from the back of the head of the patient. In some rare cases, hair can be collected from other regions like chest. But this is extremely rare as hair on the back of the head are the most durable hair. Hair roots are extracted with special handheld devices called FUE punch motors.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

Hair transplants and especially FUE hair transplant has various benefits. First and most important benefit of this operation will be on your psychology. As your hair will start to grow after 4 to 6 months, you will start feel more confident. After 1 year, your hair will completely grow and you will even forget that you experienced hair loss in the past.

FUE method will help you recover faster. Both donor area and implant area can recover in a short time. Also, with this method, you can go back to your daily life just in 3 days. Another benefit of FUE is that this method enables constructing natural hairline. When you hair grows after the surgery, it is impossible notice the difference between your natural hair and transplanted hair.


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