Hair follicle transplant
Hair follicle transplant

Hair follicle transplant is transplanting hair follicles to bald areas on the scalp. This procedure is commonly known as hair transplant or FUE transplant. Most people experience hair loss. But people are insecure about hair loss and hair thinning. New medical technologies can eliminate this problem permanently with hair transplant.

This operation consists of follicular unit extraction (FUE) and one hair implant method. A combination of these two stages form the entire hair transplant process. Hair implant techniques are called Slit and Sapphire. These two techniques are extremely similar.

Are Slit FUE and Sapphire FUE Same?

Actually, these two techniques are almost identical. However, there is a small difference between Slit FUE and Sapphire FUE. While both methods need channel opening, how these channels are opened is different.

The Slit FUE technique uses the surgeon’s blade to open these channels. In this technique, the doctor’s skill will play a huge role in the natural look. But in the Sapphire FUE technique, special diamond-tipped blades are used. These diamond-tipped blades cause less damage around the implant area. For this reason, recovery can be faster in this method. But not all patients might be suitable for Sapphire FUE. For this reason, patients should listen to doctor’s recommendations when choosing hair follicle transplant.   

How Do I Know I Need Hair Follicle Transplant?

If your hair loss is caused by genetics, you probably need hair follicle transplant. Hair loss can occur due to different reasons. However, some reasons can be treated without hair transplant. For example, skin diseases and stress can also cause hair loss. However, treating skin disease or reducing stress can end hair loss.

But if hair loss is due to genetics and not linked with any other disease, hair transplant is recommended. The doctor will examine the patient to choose the best hair transplant method. This way, it is possible to achieve the best hair transplant results.


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