Why Is Hair Shaved Before Hair Transplantation?

There is a preliminary preparation period for hair transplantation treatment. During this preliminary preparation period, it is ensured that the patient is ready for treatment. Shaving the area is essential, especially in hair transplant applications to a dense area. This is a procedure performed during the preparatory phase of hair transplant treatment. At the same time, some tests are performed to determine whether the patient is suitable for treatment at this stage.

hair shaved

Why Is Hair Shaved Before Hair Transplantation?

The patient needs to have information about the stages of hair transplantation before and after. One of these phases is shaving before the treatment. Accordingly, especially if the FUE hair transplantation method is applied, that area must be shaved. Shaving is a process performed before the treatment and is a kind of process of preparing the patient for treatment. Shaved Hair Transplantation

Hair Shaved Transplant

Hair transplantation in Turkey options includes shaved and unshaven applications. Accordingly, if the FUE method is preferred, the patient must be shaved. The reason for this is that the area to be transplanted is large. Likewise, if 3000 – 3500 grafts are taken, it is expected that the relevant area must be shaved.

The FUE method is also a type of treatment that is usually applied to large areas. In this way, it will be possible to place too many grafts in one go. The FUE method is frequently preferred because it is both more affordable and applied to a larger area.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation

There is no obligation to shave in DHI hair transplantation treatment. Since the DHI method is applied to a smaller area, it is not necessary to shave the relevant area. However, an application such as shaving can be done according to the density of the scalp in the area. It would be better to talk to your specialist to get more detailed information on this subject.


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