hair transplant surgery.jpg
hair transplant surgery.jpg

Different people with hair loss problem are opting for hair transplant surgery. Turkey has made great strides in the plantation areas in recent years. Specialist doctors in the country follow the latest technology hair transplantation methods and offer these methods to their patients.

With this increasing popularity, patients are choosing Turkey. And Istanbul is a popular destination for hair implant operations. Foreigners are both visiting the county and having their hair implants.

DHI Hair Transplant Surgery

DHI hair transplantation is a key hair transplant surgery. In this hair implant technique, the graft collection process and the seeding process are performed one after the other. Hair grafts collected individually with special CHOI pens are immediately transplanted with little exposure to outdoor conditions. The hair follicles are less exposed to external factors and thus their retention rates are higher.

Unshaved hair transplantation is also performed specifically for women and men with long hair. In hair transplantation with FUE method, both the donor (the area where the hair follicles are collected) and the transplantation area should be shaved. However, this can affect daily life, especially in women. During unshaved hair transplantation, only the donor area is shaved. Since this region remains in the nape, it can be covered with the upper hair. Thus, sowing process can be realized without any aesthetic problems.

Does Hair Transplantation Give Lasting Results?

In the process following the hair transplant surgery, the hair in the planting area is primarily fall down. This is a normal part of the process. After about 6 months, the transplanted hair starts to grow. It can take up to 1 year for the hair to grow completely and to obtain the desired image. After the healing process is completed, the transplanted hair will be permanent. Therefore, hair transplantation operation provides a permanent solution for those who have hair loss problems.


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