restore hair loss
restore hair loss

Hair loss can be a huge problem. This problem lowers self-confidence levels of men. But there is a way to restore hair loss. This method is hair transplant. Hair transplant is becoming more widespread every year. Men from different countries search for new transplant methods to get their hair back.

This operation is the best way to get hair back. When patient’s hair and scalp properties are considered, this operation will provide high success rates. Also, doctor and clinic selection plays huge role in this process.

Restore Hair Loss Permanently

If you want to restore hair loss permanently, your only option is hair transplant. PRP treatment or other treatments only offer temporary solutions. They might decrease hair loss and stimulate existing hair roots. But if you want hair to grow in bald areas, you surely need hair restoration.

Hair Transplant Types

There are three different methods to restore hair loss. Most common methods are called FUE Slit and FUE Sapphire. In addition to these two methods, there is also DHI hair transplant. All these methods offer permanent solution.

FUE Slit and FUE Sapphire

In FUE Slit and FUE Sapphire, hair roots are collected with follicular unit extraction method. This method extracts hair roots called grafts from the back of the head. Then, these roots are preserved in a special solution. In the meantime, doctor opens channels on transplant area. These two different names come from different channel opening process.

If normal surgeon’s’ blade is used for channel opening, this method is called FUE slit. But if special diamond tipped blades are used, this method is called FUE Sapphire.

DHI Hair Transplant

Another method is DHI hair transplant. In this method, special CHOI pens are used for both hair extraction and hair implanting process. Hair roots are collected and directly implanted to transplant region. When this method is used, number of hair grafts are limited with 2000.


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