What Is Average Cost of Hair Transplant
What Is Average Cost of Hair Transplant

The average cost of hair transplant changes for the level of hair loss, hair characteristic of the patient, the implant method, and many other factors. Patients should consider all these factors before going through a hair transplant process. Without knowing which factors would increase the cost of the operation, patients may pay more than they should.

First, the main factors that change the price are hair characteristics and hair loss level of patients. Naturally, a patient with mild hair loss will need fewer hair grafts that a patient with severe hair loss. And hair grafts are the main factors that determine the overall price.

Does Average Cost of Hair Transplant Change by Countries?

Secondly, hair transplant operation costs change for countries. Generally, the average cost of hair transplant is higher in countries with high medical expenses. These countries include the U.S., Germany, France, England, and some other European countries.

On the other hand, Turkey offers affordable prices for hair transplant operation. This is because of relatively low medical costs in the country. Operation costs and doctor fees are low than European countries. Therefore, Turkey has become the leading country in terms of health tourism and especially hair transplant.

Is Different Country a Good Idea to Have Hair Transplant?

People may have doubts to have an operation in a foreign country. However, costs associated with the operation may lead them to another country. Most of the time, there will be no difference between the two countries. Also, patients will have the chance to see another country during their recovery time.

The main question is about accommodation and transfers. For hair transplant, these problems are solved by package programs offered by clinics in Turkey. Those clinics welcome patients from the airport, transfer them to their comfortable hotels, and take them to operation. After the operation, patients can recover in their hotel room and enjoy the beauties of the country.


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