natural hair transplant
natural hair transplant

When it comes to hair transplant, most people are concerned about natural hair transplant. Hair is an important component that frames our face. A bad looking frame will cause us to look unattractive. For this reason, patients who are considering to have hair transplant operation ask questions about the looks.

It is possible to obtain a natural looking hair with this operation. But there are few factors that impact the natural look. Before looking at these factors, we need to understand natural hairline.

Natural Hair Transplant and Hairline

In natural hair transplant, hairline must fit the face. Generally, receding hairline is the most common problem among men. Hair tends to fall from the front part of our head. This causes forehead to get wider. Wide forehead might cause individuals to look old. Also, you might feel insecure about your looks.

A natural hairline should have a blended look. Rather than a sharp line on your forehead, your hair should look like they blended in. Achieving this look might be challenging for many surgeons. However, an expert and talented surgeon can easily construct a natural looking hairline.

How Can I Get Natural Looking Hair?

With new applications and methods in hair transplant field, it is easier to obtain natural looking hair. In the past, it was easier to understand transplanted hair. But with new methods, it is almost impossible to understand if someone had hair transplant operation.

If you want to have natural hairline and natural hair transplant, you need to find an expert doctor. Doctor’s experience and talent has a huge impact on the final look. A talented doctor will consider the blended effect that needs to be created. Doctor will transplant hair to fit patient’s face. While some people have V-shaped hairline, other have straight hairline. Doctor will consider this when implanting new hair.  


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