hair transplant process
hair transplant process

Get ready to know all the details about hair transplant process. After reading this post, you will have general idea about how hair transplant is made. This way, you can decide more easily and feel confident about your decision. Mainly, entire process is divided into two as extraction and implanting.

Hair Transplant Process – Extraction

Extraction is the most important step of hair transplant process. Success of this step and entire hair transplant operation depends on skills of the doctor. Currently, hair extraction is done with FUE – follicular unit extraction – method. In this method, special handheld motors called punch are used.

This punch has round and extremely sharp tip to extract hair roots. Doctors find the most suitable angle to extract hair grafts without any damage. Each hair graft is extracted separately. Therefore, this step requires experience, expertise and skilful hands.

Hair Implanting Process

In this process, there are two method. Doctors can either choose Slit or Sapphire method. Also, overall hair transplant process can be called FUE Slit hair transplant or FUE Sapphire hair transplant depending on selected implanting method.

FUE Slit Hair Transplant

In Slit method, channels are opened to recipient area by using surgeon’s blade. This process depends on doctors skills. After opening these channels, extracted hair roots are implanted.

FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant

Sapphire transplant is similar to Slit method. But in Sapphire, special diamond tipped blades are used for channel opening process. These diamond blade decrease the tissue damage around the channels. Also, smaller and smoother channels are obtained. After channel opening, hair grafts are implanted in these channels as well. Implant method selecting depends on hair quality and scalp characteristics of the patient. While Slit is more suitable for some, Sapphire might be more suitable for others. Doctors will guide you with your selection by recommending which method might provide better results for you.


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