eyebrow hair transplant
eyebrow hair transplant

Are you unhappy about your eyebrow shape? Have you plucked your eyebrow too much and they no longer grow back? Do you have gaps in your eyebrow? If you have these problems, eyebrow hair transplant will offer you a solution.

Similar to hair transplant, eyebrow transplant is about implanting new hair roots to gaps in your eyebrow. Hair roots will be collected from the back of the head or back of the ear. In this process, FUE – follicular unit extraction – method is popular. After that, these hair grafts will be implanted to give you a new eyebrow shape.

Is Eyebrow Hair Transplant Permanent?

Yes, eyebrow hair transplant is a permanent solution. There is one important thing about this operation. We have explained it below. When you eyebrow grows after the operation, this new hair will be there in your entire life. You can use your transplanted eyebrow like your original eyebrow except plucking. You can apply make-up or even dye your eyebrow.

Can I Pluck My Eyebrow After Transplant?

No, you must not pluck your eyebrow after the operation. Eyebrow hair transplant is about implanting new hair roots to your eyebrow region. But if you pluck these new hair, they will not grow back. So, you need to be extremely careful about it.

In fact, one of the important things in eyebrow transplant is about plucking. You need to talk to your doctor about the shape of your eyebrow. Once your eyebrow hair grows, you can only use razors to shape them. Razor will only make your eyebrow shorter. It will not cause any permanent damage.

Also, since eyebrows are hair roots, they will constantly grow. Unlike your original eyebrows, growth of this new implanted hair will continue. You need to make them shorter with a razor. Otherwise, they can grow like your normal hair.


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