eyebrow transplant
eyebrow transplant

Our eyebrows define our face. Without them, we look incomplete. In this sense, shape of our eyebrows are extremely important. But over time, we might lose our eyebrow. With current medical applications, eyebrow transplant enables restoring eyebrow.

Eyebrow loss is common for both men and women. But this problem is more common among women. Fashion can cause women to pluck their eyebrow. Excessive plucking might cause permanent eyebrow loss. In this case, eyebrow will stop growing. And this will create unattractive look.

Eyebrow Transplant for Women

Women frequently prefer eyebrow transplant. Due to plucking or other reasons, eyebrows can be lost permanently. Eyebrow will not grow in plucked region. This will create unattractive look. Having a bushy eyebrow is desired by many women. Now, it is possible to complete this desire.

Similar to hair transplant, it is possible to transplant hair implants to eyebrow. In transplant process, eyebrows are shaped before the operation. This shape can be original eyebrow of the patient. Or a different shape can also be followed. Creating a higher arch is possible with eyebrow transplant. For this operation, local anaesthesia is applied. Hair roots are collected with FUE method. Then, these roots are implanted to eyebrow region.

One month after the surgery, this new implanted eyebrows will fall. But this is normal and it is called shock loss. After shock loss, new eyebrow will grow even stronger. In about six months, new shape of the eyebrow will be visible. And in one year, transplanted eyebrow will grow.

After transplant operation, patients need to avoid plucking their eyebrow. Otherwise, their implanted eyebrows will disappear as well. Shaping must be done with a razor.

Eyebrow Transplant for Men

Eyebrow transplant is also common among men. Men might lose their eyebrow due to damages like burns or shaping. With this operation, it is possible to give men eyebrows they desire. But as we have stated, this operation is mostly preferred by women.


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