follicular hair extraction
follicular hair extraction

You probably have seen follicular hair extraction or FUE more than a couple of times online. This is the most common method if you did a bit of research on hair transplant. FUE is considered the most popular and hair that is a common method for hair transplant operations. On contrary to the belief that is common FUE alone just isn’t hair transplantation.

While the true name suggests, this method is only an extraction method. This locks extraction method must be completed with a hair method that is implanted as Slit or Sapphire. A combination of hair removal and hair implant is the hair transplant process.

Follicular Hair Extraction Application

In follicular hair extraction a.k.a. FUE, doctors will collect hair roots that are called grafts. Hair extraction is completed with unique handheld motors called punches. During application, local anesthesia is put on the back of the head. This way, patients can feel comfortable and there will be no pain during the extraction.

FUE punches are unique devices created for this process only. Collected hair roots are kept in a solution that is special hair implanting. In this solution, all remaining tissues on hair origins are cleaned. This way, locks roots are prepared for implanting stage associated with hair transplant.

Is FUE a New Method?

Actually, follicular hair extraction is relatively a new method. In the past, FUT or follicular unit transplant was a common method. But today, it is almost impossible to see this hair transplant procedure. In the last decade, almost all transplant operations are completed with FUE.

One of the greatest benefits of FUE is that there will be no scarring. And recovery is faster. Also, it is possible to achieve natural new hair. Patients all over the world are satisfied with their FUE operation results. And this further increases the number of patients who choose FUE for hair transplant.


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