hair transplant before and after
hair transplant before and after

Hair transplant operations are seen as a cure to hair loss and baldness problems. When people opting for a clinic for themselves, they are looking at hair transplant before and after results. They check the pics of the patients. And they often do that on Instagram or other channels. Lots of these photos show super differences. There is no hair in one picture and there is hair in the other one. But are these differences genuine? Or are these before and after hair transplant pictures serve as clinic ads?

Actually, many of the photos are real. However, it takes almost one year to see some genuine hair development. Hair transplant might be miraculous. Yet, patients need to perform their recovery period to see some hair regrowth.

Achieve Amazing Hair Transplant Before and After Results

Generally, difference between hair transplant before and after takes approximately one year. So, you need to be patient. Rushing things and especially hair growth is not advice. After hair transplant procedure, patients often experience baldness. This is named shock hair thinning. And this is seen almost in all hair restoration cases.

In the shock hair loss period, grafts are traumatized because of surgery. So there will be temporary hair loss. After waiting for several duration, which generally takes a couple of weeks, hair begins to grow in the transplanted area. However, in the beginning, this hair growth is irregular. One year after the surgery, the growth of hair turns to normal gradually.

Does Hair Transplant Make A  Difference?

In most cases, hair transplant makes a difference. Especially to those who are near you. They will notice your new hair. However, depending for each client, the amount of difference may vary. It really is recommended to quit smoking during recovery duration. So, taking better care of yourself will surely improve the results. Get ready to experience hair transplant before and after difference.


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