hair transplant for women
hair transplant for women

Hair transplant for women options is also one of the most popular treatment methods in recent years. Although hair loss is more common in men, it can also be seen in women to a certain extent. Therefore, there is no gender discrimination in hair transplant treatment. There are hair transplant treatment options for both scalp and eyebrows for women.

What Is Hair Transplant for Women?

Hair transplant for women is a very effective treatment method with 99% successful results. In women, problems such as hair loss and even baldness can be seen due to some reasons. That’s why many clinics offer female hair transplant services. FUE or DHI method is followed in hair transplant treatment for women. However, in women, a treatment path is followed by using the FUE technique.

Hair transplant for women is divided into two different options such as shaved or long hair transplant. With the shaved method, usually, donors taken from the neck are used. The hairy area should be shaved before the donor is taken. In the long hair transplant method, the area to be used as a donor does not need to be shaved.

Hair transplant for women is a frequently used treatment method in clinics in Turkey. You can get information about female hair transplantation by contacting the clinic.

Hair Transplant for Women vs Men

Faster results can be obtained in hair transplant treatment applied to women. The healing process is faster in women than in men. Hair transplant female before and after processes also pass better than men. However, hair loss in women may be caused by some other diseases such as anemia or goiter. Therefore, it is also important to have the necessary tests done before the hair transplant treatment. According to the results of blood tests, transplant treatment will be started.


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