Hair restoration
Hair restoration

Hair restoration or hair transplant will give you a chance to get you hairline back. If you are experiencing hair loss, hair transplant can be a good option to restore your hair.

Hair is the most important thing for most men. When they experience hair loss, they might experience depression or other negative emotions. Especially if the hair loss is severe, they might lose their self-confidence as well. But now, there is way to permanent restore self-confidence and men’s hair.

Hair Restoration

Actually, both hair transplant and hair restoration are used for defining the operation. These two are the same. Main purpose for hair transplant and restoration are to restore hair loss. When restoring hair loss, different surgical techniques can be applied. These surgical techniques are selected based on different factors.

For example, your hair quality, scalp properties, skin properties and your tolerance to pain will determine which method will be used. While some methods are good for some patients, the same methods might not be ideal for others.

FUE Slit, FUE Sapphire and DHI methods are the most common hair transplant methods. In all three methods, hair roots are extracted and implanted to donor region. In FUE Slit and FUE Sapphire, channels are opened to transplant area. However, in DHI, special CHOI pens are used for implanting. There is no need for opening channels and hair roots are implanted directly.

How Do You Know You Need Hair Transplant?

If you are experiencing hair loss and this hair loss is causing negative impacts like depression, it is time to consider hair restoration. Hair transplant or restoration will produce permanent results. So, once you have the operation and once your hair grows in 1 year, these results will be permanent. If you are not satisfied with your looks, you can consult to a doctor to have hair transplant.


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