Beard Transplant

Men feel depressed when they experience hair or beard loss. What is more hair or beard loss may affect the daily life of men? Actually, this doesn’t have to be like this. At least not anymore. With the advancements in medical technologies, hair or beard loss is no longer a problem.

The solutions are beard transplant or if you are losing your hair, you can go for a hair transplant. At first, this might sound a bit scary. But the procedure is actually not that scary and relativity easy. And the results are amazing.

What Is Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant, like hair transplant, is taking strong and durable hair follicles and transplanting to the area with hair loss. The hair is taken from the donor area. Then, using special transplant equipment, the transplant procedure is completed.

Also, during beard operation, a mustache transplant can be made. Since the patient’s own hair is used, there is no problem with color matching between old and transplanted beard. Generally, the FUE extrcting technique is used for the beard. This way, the scarring is less and the healing time is shorter.

Why Is Hair Transplanted to Beard?

Like hair transplant, during beard transplant, the donor area is the back side of the head. So, in this operation, the patient’s scalp hair is used. This is because this hair is the strongest and has little tendency to fall. Also, scalp or neck hair is more durable compared to other hairs.

What if you have no or little hair in neck area? Well, there are some other alternatives the doctors can consider. In addition to scalp hair, hair can be taken from other parts of the body including chest. However, this hair type is generally preferred if the scalp hair is not suitable.


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