What Is Average Cost of Hair Transplant
What Is Average Cost of Hair Transplant

If you decided to have a hair transplant, you are probably wondering how much does hair follicle transplant cost. The price of the hair transplant operation can vary based on your hair loss level as well as other factors. So, it may be hard to calculate an exact price for the operation.

However, it is always possible to make an approximate calculation. To make this calculation, first identify your level of hair loss. Then, decide where you want to have the surgery. These two factors will change the price of the operation.

What Changes Hair Follicle Transplant Cost?

As we have mentioned, there are some different factors that change hair follicle transplant cost. Mainly, the price is determined based on a price per hair graft. This price can change between $2-10 dollars. On average, the grafts cost $4-5.

Additionally, the hair implant procedure may also change the price. So, before calculating an average price, it is important to consider all these factors. Another factor may be the quality of the hair. If you have low hair quality, you may need more hair grafts.

Is Cheap Hair Transplant Results Successful?

Generally, lower hair follicle transplant cost is associated with lower medical costs. So, there is no link between success rate and low prices. Some countries may have lower doctor and operation fees due to the medical sector in those countries. For this reason, it is hard to make any assumption that link prices and results.

I Have Limited Budget, What Should I Do?

If you have a limited budget to have the surgery, you may check out more affordable options. For example, having the operation in another country may have cheaper prices. Countries like Turkey generally offer low prices compared to the U.S. Since healthy tourism is extremely supported in Turkey, expert doctors and high-quality clinics are offering high-level services.


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