Hair restoration
Hair restoration

When you experience hair loss, you immediately want to find a solution. Hair loss occurs in both men and women. There are varied factors that cause your hair loss conditions. However, current medication science gives you an answer. Hair restoration is a permanent way to restore your hair.

Of course, you have your questions about this method. Mainly, the main question is about how permanent will the operation be. After your hair implant, your results are going to be permanent. This operation is known for its high success rates.

Can I Have My Natural Looking Hair Back?

When you have hair restoration, you can have your natural-looking hair back. However, there are few things to have that natural look you want. First, you would like to follow all the directions of your doctor and hair transplant team.

Second, you need to be careful about your new transplanted hair. It is important to take care of your hair and scalp. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure. For this reason, you need to treat yourself and your hair carefully. Once you follow these directions, you will enjoy your new, strong, and natural hair in a short time.

Hair Restoration for Natural Hair

Hair restoration will change the locations of your hair roots. Generally, hair on the top part of our head is prone to falling. Also, receding hairline is another common problem. On the other hand, hair at the back part of the head rarely falls. Therefore, in this operation, hair at the back of the head is implanted to other areas.

Hair roots at the back of the head are collected with special tools. Then, these collected hair roots are transplanted to transplant areas with low hair density. The number of collected hair roots will depend on the level of hair loss. The doctor will examine the patient to determine the best hair transplant method.


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