plasma hair treatment
plasma hair treatment

There are different methods to make hair stronger. One of the methods is called plasma hair treatment. This treatment is also commonly known as PRP – platelet rich plasma treatment. Advancement in medical science enables doctors to develop new methods to make hair stronger.

Before considering hair transplant as a solution, these treatments can offer a good alternatives. Since hair transplant is a surgical operation, most patients feel uncomfortable about it. Also, hair transplant can be expensive. However, these treatments provide an affordable and non-surgical treatment to increase hair strength.

What Is Plasma Hair Treatment?

Plasma hair treatment is applying patient’s own blood to their scalp. Our blood has amazing healing power. If we use our blood correctly, we can stimulate blood circulation in our scalp. This higher blood circulation can nourish weak hair roots.

Basically, platelet rich plasma treatment is about stimulating short and weak hair roots. These weak existing roots will grow stronger over time. This treatment is applied in sessions. Number of sessions can depend on hair characteristics and patient’s needs. After each session, results can be seen between 4-6 months. After 4 months, weak hair roots will start to grow. Also, existing hair roots will become stronger.

Is Plasma Treatment Permanent?

Unlike hair transplant, plasma hair treatment is not permanent. It will help to strengthen your hair. And effects of this treatment can go up to 2 years. But patients need to repeat this treatment for stronger hair. Another thing about this treatment is this.

If you want to fill your bald areas, plasma treatment cannot do that. You need hair transplant to reshape your hairline or fill your bald areas. In hair transplant, hair grafts will be implanted to bald areas. This way, new hair roots will grow in these regions. But plasma treatment can only make weak roots stronger.


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