PRP Treatment
PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is all about using blood plasma. This plasma is called platelet-rich plasma of the blood. This is a treatment applied before and after hair transplant. Application aims to assist the roots grow stronger by supporting the hair roots.

PRP treatment can be applied for two purposes: to support hair transplant or to increase hair strength. It is normally utilized as being a treatment that is first-line restrict further development of locks loss in individuals with mild baldness.

PRP Treatment Application

The individual’s own blood is taken and exposed to special procedures. Then, after this procedure that blood is put on the individual’s scalp during PRP treatment. Blood from the individual is treated by a centrifuge. This centrifuge is a special device to divide the blood to components. The blood is taken into three separate components during the procedure. These are platelet-enriched plasma, platelet-deficient serum and plasma.

Just plasma that is platelet-enriched utilized during therapy. The residual two sections are discarded appropriately. The plasma that is resulting placed on the head in the form of a medical unit with special tipped needles. A cream with anaesthetic impact could be used to the individual’s scalp during management.

Hair Transplantation or PRP

Contrary to belief that is popular these two are entirely different applications. Hair transplantation is a surgical operation. However, PRP is a therapy that can help hair growth. Generally, PRP therapy is used to before hair implants.

Recovery time for these two methods are different as well Whenever hair transplantation is done, the recovery that is complete take 2 or a couple of months. The data recovery period of the clients is 1-2 times in the treating PRP. This technique is preferred due to the fact very first treatment stage for folks who are afraid to endure surgery most of the time.


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