Steps of FUE Procedure
Steps of FUE Procedure

Steps of FUE Procedure

FUE procedure is the most common hair transplant method around the world. Generally, hair extraction process is called FUE. But people now tend to name the complete hair transplant operation as FUE operation. During hair transplant operation, FUE is combined with suitable hair implanting method. 

Hair Extraction with FUE Procedure

There are few steps in hair extraction with FUE procedure. These steps can be listed as follows.

1. Doctor examines the patient before the operation.

2. Number of hair grafts to be collected are determined

3. Patient is prepared for the hair extraction operation.

4. Local anaesthesia is applied to donor area (hair grafts will be collected from this area).

5. Grafts are collected with special tools (manually operated tools with engine).

6. Collected hair grafts are implanted to recipient area with suitable methods.

Hair extraction process is the first step of overall hair transplant operation. After collecting hair grafts, it is important to implant these grafts without losing time. When hair grafts are planted with short waiting time, the success rate of the operation increases. At this point, experience and expertise of the doctor and the team plays an important role.

Hair Implant with Hair Implant Methods

During hair implanting process, Slit or Sapphire method may follow FUE hair extraction. These two hair implanting methods are similar. In Slit, surgeon’s blade is used for opening canals for hair grafts. On the other hand, in Sapphire method, special diamond tipped blades are used.

The important thing in hair implanting process is canal opening stage. Canal opening stage can be the most important stage of total FUE procedure. Canals should be opened according to natural hair growth direction. Additionally, alignment and compactness of canals are important. When done correctly, FUE hair transplant will have amazing results. In most cases, it is almost impossible to teel if a person has hair transplant or not.  


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