Hair transplant
Hair transplant

Hair transplant can be done using several different methods. The most popular method among them is known as FUE hair transplantation. There are also DHI and unshaved hair transplantation options. Anesthetized hair transplantation can also be performed for patients with low pain threshold.

There are few things to be considered when choosing a hair implant method. This is important to achieve high success rates after the implant. In this sense, a patient needs to see a doctor before having the implant. At the end, this will greatly benefit to the patient.

How to Choose Hair Transplant Method?

When patients consult a doctor for hair transplant, the doctor first examines the patient. The purpose of the examination is to determine the hair loss structure of the patient. The most commonly used method for determining the degree of baldness is called the Norwood scale.

This scale, also known as the Hamilton-Norwood scale, evaluates hair loss from 1 to 7. The scale describes male pattern spillage with images. Doctors generally do not recommend hair transplantation surgery in the initial stages. For men with level 1 or 2, it is preferable to see progress after waiting for a while.

Other Steps in Hair Implant Method Selection

After determining the hair loss level of the patient, the type of hair loss, age, quality of the hair follicle, the quality of the donor area and the hair concentration are evaluated. All these factors play an important role in the success of the entire implant process. In some cases, there may not be enough hair follicles in the nape region, called the donor site. In these cases, the doctor can collect grafts from different regions.

In addition, the age of the patient is also important for the hair transplant method. Usually hair loss continues until the age of 30s. This factor should be evaluated when choosing hair transplantation method.


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