Hair Transplant Recovery Time
Hair Transplant Recovery Time

One of the important questions regarding hair transplant is an average hair transplant recovery time. Actually, this entirely depends on hair graft extraction procedure, health, and lifestyle of the patient. Generally, the implanted area will start to get better after 2 weeks. It is normal to experience crusting during the first two weeks.

However, you will need at least a year for full recovery. This means, your transplanted hair starts to grow in approximately a year. In the meantime, crusting and operation related scars should disappear within 2 months. To ensure a smooth healing process, patients should follow all instructions of the doctor.

Will Hair Transplant Recovery Time Change?

Yes, hair transplant recovery time changes based on various factors. For example, hair implant technique may affect the recovery time. While DHI has little scarring, Slit may present more scarring. These differences are caused because of the method.

Also, if you are a smoker, your recovery time will probably be longer than the non-smoking patient. What is more, eating healthy and lower alcohol intake will also shorten overall recovery time. When patients follow a nutritional diet, hair growth will be stimulated and tissues will recover faster. Alcohol intake may slow down cell division. Therefore, doctors often advise limiting alcohol intake during recovery.

How Can I Decrease Recovery Time?

The first thing you need to do to decrease hair transplant recovery time is to follow the instructions of the doctor. These instructions are important to decrease the recovery time. Additionally, these instructions ensure that crusts heal adequately without turning into scar tissue.

Another thing decrease recovery time of hair transplant is to eat healthily and take care of your hair. Eating healthy will boost the immune system and stimulate hair growth. Patients can also apply special shampoos recommended by doctors. All these factors will decrease overall recovery time.


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