beard transplant
beard transplant

Beard is one of the most important accessories of men. So, men often care a lot about their beard. They all want to have full beard with a good beard line. In the past, having a permanent full beard has almost impossible. But with beard transplant, it is possible to have that look they have always wanted.

This transplant is considered a surgical operation. Patients need to be in a clinic. Also, this operation must be completed by a doctor. In this sense, transplanting beard can be considered as a serious job.

Beard Transplant for Beard Loss

If you are experiencing beard loss, beard transplant can solve your problem. Beard loss can occur due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons is trauma. Also, burns can cause beard loss. In these cases, the doctor needs to evaluate your condition. You need active blood circulation and other factors to have this transplant.

Also, some men have thin beard from birth. This is linked with genetics. Since it is not possible to change genetics, the only way to solve this problem is by transplanting beard. This operation can enable doctors to create a new beard line or increase the density of the existing beard.

Is It Similar to Hair Transplant?

Actually, both hair transplant and beard transplant have similar principles. In the case of beard, hair roots might be collected from the back of the ear. However, in the case of hair transplant, hair is collected from the back of the head.

Another difference is about application methods. Hair transplant has more options than beard implants. In beard implants, the FUE Sapphire method is preferred. Since it is not possible to open channels, DHI is not an option for beard. Other than these two factors, beard and hair transplant, as well as recovery processes, are similar.


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