beard transplant
beard transplant

We all know that hair loss is a common problem among men. But there is also one other problem. Some men have gaps in their beard. Or in some cases, they might not have that full beard look they always want. In the past, there was not a solution but to accept their fate. Now, there is beard transplant.

This transplant will help patients to have fuller beard. In some cases, this operation is combined with moustache transplantas well. In this operation, hair grafts collected from the donor area are implanted to gaps in the beard area.

When Do You Need Beard Transplant?

If you are not satisfied with your beard, you can opt for a beard transplant. With this operation, it is possible to change your upper beard line, lower line or fill the gaps in your beard region. Some people want fuller moustache as well. If the patient has this request, beard and moustache transplant can be completed together.

During transplant, local anaesthesia is applied to recipient area. This way, patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during the operation. Also, patients can go back to their daily life right after this operation.

Is This Operation Different Than Hair Transplant?

Actually, the main principles between beard and hair transplant are the same. In both operations, hair grafts are collected from the patient. During beard transplant, hair grafts might be collected from back of the ear. Additionally, in this operation, less hair grafts are necessary compared to hair transplant.

Generally, DHI (direct hair implant) method is applied in beard operation as it is not possible to open channels on beard area. However, there are other methods in hair transplant. FUE extraction can be combined with different implanting techniques such as Slit or Sapphire. Also, DHI is a popular method for hair transplant as well.


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