What Is Beard Hair Transplant
What Is Beard Hair Transplant

What Is Beard Transplant?

Hair loss is a common problem among men. However, some men may experience beard loss as well as hair loss. Men who love to have a beard can struggle when there are bald areas in their beard. Also, the thin looking beard is far away from being attractive.

Yet, there is now a solution to these problems. Beard transplant also is known as a beard transplant will make your beard grow again. And in a natural looking way. This operation is similar to normal hair transplant.

How Is Beard Transplant Done?

To have a beard transplant, first, you should decide the look of your beard. It may be good to determine the beard line and how the beard on the chin will look like. Then, you need to find a good doctor to do your beard transplant.

This procedure is similar to hair transplant. Generally, it takes less time to have a beard transfer a number of hair grafts are lower than hair transplant. The hair grafts are collected from the donor area. Then, these grafts are implanted in the beard area. That is it. These procedures are completed in four to six hours depending on the number of grafts used during operation.

Is Beard Transplant Permanent?

Like hair transplant, beard transplant is also permanent. Patients will experience beard loss in the first two weeks. This is perfectly normal as hair loss is the natural course of the transplant. Later, in six months to one year, new hair will start to grow around the beard area.

This new beard will be permanent. When natural beard starts to grow, you can shape it as you like. Some patients choose to have beard transplant operation to cover up scars in their beard area. The results are highly successful and patients are feeling happy and confident after the operation.


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