What Is DHI Hair?
What Is DHI Hair?

What Is DHI Hair?

DHI hair is one of the hair transplant methods. This method is also known as direct hair implant. In DHI, both hair extraction and hair implant are made. Unlike FUE, there is no need for separate hair implanting method.

In DHI hair transplant, special pens called CHOI pens are used for collecting and implanting hair grafts. When a hair graft is collected with this pen, that graft is implanted without waiting. Therefore, hair extraction and implanting procedures follow each other. Since there is no time in between each procedure, the success rate of this method is high.

Does DHI Hair Cause Any Scarring?

There will be no scarring in DHI hair. Hair grafts are collected without any incisions. Compared to old and painful follicular unit transplant (FUT) or strip method, DHI can be considered a revolution in hair transplant sector. This process will result in no scarring and the healing process will be significantly faster.

During the hair graft implanting process, there will be no canal opening. In other hair graft implanting methods, canals were opened with either surgeon blade or diamond-edged blade. In the DHI method, hair grafts are directly implanted with special CHOI pens.

Are There Any Restrictions with DHI Hair?

In the DHI hair method, the number of hair grafts that can be extracted and implanted islimited. Doctors should implant between 2000-2500 hair grafts in one operation. For this reason, if the patient needs more hair grafts, another hair transplant method will be better.

Where Can I Have DHI?

Patients can have DHI operation in different clinics. In Turkey, there are numerous hair transplant clinics in İstanbul. Patients can choose one of those clinics that offer DHI operation. After examination by the doctor, patients can go for hair transplant. Since there is no need to shave hair in this method, DHI is commonly preferred by women and long-haired men.


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