There are lots of terms when it comes to hair implants. One of these terms is follicular hair extraction. Actually, this term is the full name of FUE. This is a hair extraction method to collect hair grafts. For this reason, it is considered as one of the most important steps of hair transplant operation.

These hair grafts contain hair roots. Each graft can contain 1 to 3 hair roots. Number of hair roots on one graft depends on hair quality of the patient. While some patients have 1 hair root per hair grafts, others might have 3 hair roots per graft.

How Is Follicular Hair Extraction Applied?

To extract hair roots, follicular hair extraction method is used in most of the cases. In this process, local anaesthesia is applied to donor region. Donor region is where hair roots are collected. Generally, donor region for hair transplant is the back part of the head. However, back of the ears can be donor for eyebrow, beard and moustache transplant.

Each hair graft is collected one by one. Then, before implanting, these are kept in a special solution. This solution will discard all tissues surrounding hair roots. This is necessary for implanting process.

Is Follicular Hair Extraction Hair Transplant?

There is a general misconception about FUE. Many people believe that FUE is the hair transplant. In fact, follicular hair extraction is only one part of the hair transplant. This hair extraction method must be combined with a suitable hair implant method. Combination of hair extraction and hair implant will form the entire hair transplant operation. There are two different hair implant methods. These are called Slit and Sapphire. In both of the methods, collected hair roots are implanted into channels. These channels are opened with either surgeon’s blade or sapphire tipped diamond blades. These operations are named differently due to different channel opening tools.


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