Plasma hair treatment
Plasma hair treatment

Hair loss can be prevented with different methods. Plasma hair treatment is one of the methods to prevent hair loss. Generally, this treatment is called PRP – platelet-rich plasma treatment. Doctors use these new treatment options to solve hair loss problem. PRP is a non-surgical treatment that offers an alternative for those who do not want to have surgery.

In most cases, people want to try non-surgical treatment before hair transplant. Surgical operations are harder and more challenging than non-surgical treatments. Also, complication risks in hair transplant is higher. What is more, patients need to spend more time on operation and recovery.

Plasma Hair Treatment for Stronger Hair

Plasma hair treatment is used in many fields. Actually, this application is popular for skin care as well. Recently, the haircare treatment side is more dominant. This treatment used the blood of the patient. Since it is the patient’s own blood, allergy risks are minimized.

In this treatment, the platelet-rich plasma part of the blood is used. This part is obtained by centrifuging the blood. This treatment helps stimulate weak hair roots. Weak roots will nourish. This way, they can grow and be stronger. The doctor will decide on the number of sessions required for the patient.  It is possible to apply for one or two sessions. Generally, 4 to 6 months is considered ideal between each session.

Can I Have New Hair with Plasma Treatment?

No. It is not possible to have new hair with plasma hair treatment. Results of this treatment are not permanent. However, the results are long-lasting and successful. This treatment can only nourish existing hair roots. It is not possible to grow new hair roots.

It is advised to repeat this treatment every 2 years. This way, it is possible to achieve the best PRP results. Also, people who are dissatisfied with bald areas need to choose hair transplant. Hair transplant is the only way to cover bald areas.


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