What Are Best Hair Transplant Methods?
What Are Best Hair Transplant Methods?

With the advancements in the medical sector, numerous new methods are presented. This is the same for the hair transplant industry as well. There are different hair transplant methods. And patients want to choose the best hair restoration method to say hello to their new hair.

Before talking to your doctor, you may want to do a bit of research on hair transplant methods. It is always better to know the basics of how the operation is done. This way, it will be much easier to decide on your hair transplantation method.

How Can I Choose the Best Hair Restoration Method?

Choosing the best hair restoration method can be challenging. You need to consult your doctor before deciding on a hair transplant method. Depending on certain characteristics, some method can work better on some patients. However, in some cases, some methods may not present the desired results.

While selecting a hair restoration method, different factors may plan an important role. For example, the hair length of the patient may determine the method. If a patient has long hair, then it might not be desirable to cut this hair. So, instead of FUE hair extraction method, direct hair implant (DHI) method can be preferred. This and many other factors can change the hair restoration method.

Where Should I Have My Surgery?

Before selecting the best hair restoration method, you may first want to decide where you will have the surgery. Recently, patients are considering different countries like Turkey or other countries to have their hair transplant.

Health tourism has become quite popular around the world. For this reason, people are no longer bound by their own country to have their operation. Additionally, doctors and clinics in different countries offer high-quality services and operations as well. With such high-quality, a number of patients considering a different country for hair transplant is increasing every year.


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