best hair transplant
best hair transplant

You have decided to have a hair transplant operation. But do your know the best hair transplant method. Or to ask more clearly, do you know how hair transplant is made? Basically, hair transplant operation involves extracting hair roots from your scalp and restoring your bald areas.

How Can You Choose the Best Hair Transplant Method?

There are different hair transplant methods. Choosing the best hair transplant method might be harder than you though. But, there are few things you can consider when you are choosing your method.

Ask Your Doctor

Actually, this is the most important thing you should consider when you choosing your hair transplant method. Your doctor will recommend you the best hair transplant method that will meet your needs.

When doctors are choosing a method, they assess few things. Your age, hair loss level, hair loss type as well as scalp characteristics play an important role. While some method work amazing for some, the very same method might not be suitable for others.

Rather than insisting on a certain method, you need to listen to your doctor. With his/her experience and expertise, the doctor will recommend you the best method for you.

Think About Your Budget

Another criteria might be your budget. If you have limited budget but want to have hair transplant, you might considering having the operation in another countries. Countries like Turkey and India offer affordable prices with high quality operations.

Be Open to New Ideas

In some cases, doctors might recommend trying other procedures before hair transplant. For example, non-surgical procedures such as PRP hair might be recommended. These methods are recommended when the full hair loss course is not completed. If you have hair transplant before your hair loss is completed, you might experience problems in the future. Therefore, doctors might recommend other methods to avoid such undesired results.


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