hair transplant scar
hair transplant scar

People are often concerned about hair transplant scar. Scarring is something undesired after any operation. However, in some operations, it is not possible to avoid scarring. With advancements of new technology, doctors perform operations without any scars.

This scarring topic has been widely discussed since the first day of hair transplant. Men might choose to have short hair. In this case, they are concerned about scarring. When using short hair, any problem on the scalp might be visible. This is not desired by people.

What Is Hair Transplant Scar?

In the past, hair transplant scar was common among people who had hair transplant. FUT (follicular unit transplant) caused scarring at the back of the head. Doctors need to suture the donor area. This suturing caused scarring. However, with new hair transplant methods like FUE and DHI, there is no need for suturing. So, scarring is eliminated from hair transplant.

Will I Have Scar on My Scalp?

If you choose FUE hair transplant or DHI hair transplant, you will not have hair transplant scar. These methods are also known as scar-free hair transplant. In FUE and DHI, hair grafts are collected one by one. This collection requires expertise and skill.

Also, each hair grafts is implanted one by one. In the FUE method, channels are opened for implanting hair. However, in DHI hair transplant, special CHOI pens are used for implants. These special pens enable implanting without opening channels. In both cases, there will not be scarring after the operation.

People often confuse crusting with scarring. Crusting is the natural process that shows your scalp is healing. After hair transplant, all patients will experience crusting. But these crusts will fall on their own after the surgery. Patients must avoid removing these crusts. Removing these crusts might cause scarring. Patients need to let crusts fall on their own.


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